3 October 2012 – First to Stroll Past

082 Bamboo Stroll

Coastal path in Sandbaai, South Africa

S34°25.330 E19°11.198

This cache, located close to our home in Sandbaai, turned out to be our first FTF – or First To Find.  That meant that we were the first cachers to discover and log it after it had been published – quite an accomplishment, as FTF’s are scarce and very rarely as accessible as this one was!

This cache took as along the scenic VOS (Vermont-Onrus-Sandbaai) coastal path.

The container was a true flash of ingenuity and earned this cache a favourite point.

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6 September 2012 – Pretty Flamingoes

#31 B & T’s VIEW (GC2ANVZ)
Vermont Salt Pan in Vermont, South Africa

S34°24.606 E19°09.720

Vermont derives its name from the French words ‘mont vert’ – meaning green mountain, as Vermont rests against the backdrop of the Onrust Mountains and borders on a number of green belts created in an effort to maintain the inherent tranquillity and endemic fynbos and bird life in the area.

The Vermont Salt Pan, an ecologically sensitive seasonal body of water that teems with bird-life, plays host to a large population of flamingos that come here to breed.

We arrived late afternoon and spotted a large variety of birds – flamingoes included, much to the delight of Brunette Suikerbossie.

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This was Day 12 of 30 consecutive caching days.