28 November 2012 – Flashing through Home Affairs

116 Caledons Steam Tractor

Caledon, South Africa

S34°13.720 E19°25.758

You know how one often puts things off, simply because of the hassle – this concept often involving certain government departments and their officials…?  Well, this was such an instance and, alas, Suikerbossies stand corrected!

It was time to apply for a renewal of Blonde’s passport and we both dreaded making our way to Caledon’s Home Affairs office.  Pleasant was our surprise to find a lovely air-conditioned waiting room, friendly and efficient officials, and a queue consisting of us and two other people.

So, there we were – applied, paid and finger printed – all finished within less than 30 minutes.  Have to say, will be paying our taxes, almost breaking a smile this month…

Having most of the afternoon remaining, we decided to give our nemesis – a small, magnetic nano cache located somewhere on a big green and black steam tractor, another go.

Surprisingly, as this was our third attempt at this one, Brunette found it immediately.  In our defence, we have since our previous attempts, moved on from feather-weight to hardcore cachers and were this time not bothered by the bee hive located close to the cache, nor the museum curators – a group of vagrants occasionally residing under the roofed area!

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117 Caledon Wild Flower#117 CALEDON WILD FLOWER (GCK1WX)
Wild Flower Nature Reserve near Caledon, South Africa

S34°13.340 E19°25.690

This cache took us along a gorgeous hike in the Wild Flower Nature Reserve near Caledon and up to Window Rock – a fascinating rock formation where three boulders balance against one another to form a precarious arch over two rocky outcrops.

Absolutely amazing and worthy of a favourite point!

Visit Caledon Wild Flower at www.geocaching.com

118 The Old Way

Along Karwyderskraal Road near Botriver, South Africa

S34°16.890 E19°11.051

We have said it before, and we will say it again – caching makes one stop where you will usually just drive by and makes you turn off where usually you will continue on.

This modified railway bridge is located on the old route between Bot River and Hermanus dating from the time prior to the R43.  It is only wide enough to allow for traffic from one direction – can only imagine the wait while the weekend traffic from the other direction took a chance and just followed the leader!

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11 September 2012 – Up and Down the Overberg

Middelvlei near Fishershaven, South Africa

S34°22.123 E19°06.731

This was an unusual cache – out there, in the middle of nowhere.

Middelvlei used to be an old farm halfway between Botriver and Hermanus, and no one really knows what could have been farmed on these sand dunes. It has since been turned into a small, private holiday resort overlooking the lagoon and mouth of the Bot River – one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in the Western Cape and home to large flocks of pelicans and flamingoes.

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#43 ON-ZT 207 (GC1VNQV)
Onrust Mountains near Onrus, South Africa

S34°23.865 E19°11.160

This fun cache located on top of one of the Onrust Mountain peaks, was done on an impulsive whim on Brunette Suikerbos’s behalf…

Bored and with an unusual spurt of energy, our usual Lady of Leisure decided it was time for a “quick jog” up the mountain.

The “quick jog” contained a fair amount of “huffing-and-puffing”, but well worth the effort as she managed to save the Rosetta Geocoin that had been stuck in the cache for over two months.  It took a bit of gymnastics to take the self-portrait sitting on the beacon and an equal amount of skilful footwork to make it down before sunset.

Enjoyed this one, so thumbs-up with a favourite point!

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This was day 17 of 30 days of consecutive caching.