3 April 2013 – Study Break

The thing with studying is that it causes one’s caching adventures to become far and wide apart…

Such has been the case with Brunette doing her post-grad diploma; we have done a lot less caching recently (and have fallen desperately behind in our blog posts…)

So, as Brunette was finally doing her written exams in Rondebosch today and tomorrow, why not consider her textbook-accomplished and do a bit of study break caching?

We started with four quick caches in the immediate area, before taking on a fifth in the Waterfront.  The study break approaching its end, we met up with friends, Ann and her Metro Man with whom we had been staying while in the Mother City.  Ann, curious about Geocaching, but way too lazy to commit to the admin and preparations, quickly had us convinced to go show them what it’s all about…

Well, any excuse to delay an evening study session…  We did a bit of night caching, showing them two cleverly hidden urban caches, the latter being especially neat as this was only our second sight of this type of magnetic conundrum, coupled with a clue that had  both experienced cachers fooled, but left a triumphant Metro Man with the cache in hand…

Finally, and just for the record:  Brunette passed both papers with flying colours!

Rondebosch Common in Rondebosch, South Africa

S33°57.241 E18°28.881

Our first find for the day.  This was a very cleverly disguised micro, Brunette quite fortunately managed to stumble upon.


Visit The Common Conundrum at www.geocaching.com

ebosch, South Africa

S33°58.728 E18°28.972

We really liked this TB-hotel style cache.

Very cool camouflage – we walked right passed it while waiting for the GPS to find signal…


Visit Training at www.geocaching.com

Rondebosch, South Africa

S33°56.183 E18°27.024

This puzzle cache was fun and much more Do, Re, Mi than originally anticipated.

The final hide presented some challenges though – many musical muggles around…

Visit Looney Tunes as www.geocaching.com

Rondebosch, South Africa

S33°57.116 E18°27.977

Nice and easy, spur of the moment cache.

The clue was spot-on and great to finally learn what this old mill is all about.


Visit Mostert’s Mill at www.geocaching.com

V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°53.987 E18°24.500

We had solved this mystery cache a while ago, but our previous attempt at a find was thwarted by an open air roof party right at ground zero. We found it quickly this time around.


Visit Bertie at www.geocaching.com

Oranjezicht in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°56.275 E18°24.938

Night-caching with Ann and her Metro Man.

We had them look for this easy one and Ann soon spotted its hidey-hole!


Visit Hurling Swaai at www.geocaching.com

St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town CBD, South Africa

S33°55.506 E18°25.183

This clever hide had both Bossies fooled.  It was Ann’s Metro Man that eventually spotted it to everyone’s amazement!


Visit St George’s Cathedral at www.geocaching.com


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