26 March 2013 – Finding our Nemesis

Along R44 near Pringle Bay, South Africa

S34°19.510 E18°50.217

Aaaah, finally…

We can rest, breath; our unlikely alien Nemesis conquered…

Well, be it on our fourth try…

And to be honest, it was not a Suikerbossies, but Mr Terunkie who spotted it first…

But, let’s start at the beginning…

We had spotted a new dot on our radar late last night – a new cache, just published near Hangklip.  So, why not?  Encouraged to add another FTF to our stats, we set off early this morning, making our way to what we soon realised to be a very unlikely ground zero: a shallow, water-filled ditch along a dirt road, in front of an open plot up for sale????

We double-checked the coords, restarted the GPS, even rechecked GZ with our cellphones, but alas, Ground Zero it was!

After wasting a good hour snooping and probing around the plot, irate at the realisation that the listed coords were clearly wrong, we had no choice but to turn the SugarMobile back home.  Lo and behold, who do we spot making their way to the cache site?  None other that FTF genius Mr Terunkie and KrugerRand!

We turned around and met up with them and the dys-coordinated GZ, spilling our guts and disgust at the situation.  Neither groups wanting to go home empty-handed, we decided to go give nearby Rock Art a try.

I do feel it imperative to briefly interrupt my lamentation here to mention that the Suikerbossies have failed trice before at finding this little Rock Art “alien”.  After two unsuccessful attempts, we employed the advise of some of the previous finders; one even sent us a spoiler pic, however, we had remained thwarted as, for some reason, no consensus were found on which rock represented GZ.

So, arriving at this bit of rock art resembling ET, or Sid the Sloth (whichever you prefer), imagine our embarrassment when Mr Terunkie managed to conjure the hidden container within seconds from the same spot we had previously scanned with a fine-toothed comb on three different occasions.

Mmmm, well, with our pride already knocked half black-and-blue, we signed the log, said our farewells and made our way back home, just to have the last bit of self-respect shaken out of us when Mr Terunkie called to say the Hangklip cache owner had finally contacted him with the correct coords and that they were standing with the FTF in their hands; should they wait for us at GZ?

With the FTF no longer an option, and our irritation levels simmering, we respectfully declined and decided to leave the offending cache for another day.

At least we had made alien contact…

Visit Rock Art at www.geocaching.com


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