13 April 2013 – Another Slog in the Sand


In need of some serious sand hike training for our upcoming Fish River hike, these two caches out on Die Plaat popped into our radar.

We chose a perfect, sunny and windless day; geared up our gaiters, stocked our backpacks, packed some energy drinks and started our 15km return trek along Grotto’s sandy beach toward Die Plaat.

We found Message in a Bottle quickly amongst the most beautiful, windswept sandstone boulders, African black oyster catchers and plenty seagulls, before making our way to Duifklippe a bit further away.

Arriving at our furthest waypoint, we searched the obvious spot, but remained empty-handed.  Just imagine our disappointment as we realised the cache we have just walked 7.5kms for was no longer there!

Disappointed, we started our journey back.  As the tide had come in, we were forced to continue above the high tide mark, dutifully slogging our way back in very loose sand – Brunette cleverly walking in Blonde’s tracks…

Fortunately, our trip to Duifklippe was confirmed by fellow cacher, Strandloper3 the very next weekend and we were allowed to log our visit as a find by the cache owner!

Die Plaat Nature Reserve between Hermanus and De Kelders, South Africa

S34°27.134 E19°20.014

This man-made cave called Sopiesklip, was constructed by vagrant fishermen looking for a place of shelter against the wind and waves.

Visit Message in a Bottle at www.geocaching.com

Die Plaat Nature Reserve between Hermanus and De Kelders, South Africa

S34°27.902 E19°20.631

We were fortunate to find plenty Black African Oystercatchers around.  This bird species are currently considered threatened with only about 5000 birds left…

Visit Duifklippe at www.geocaching.com


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