17 March 2013 – Greyt Oewerzicht Weekend (Part 3)

And so, all good things come to an end… or does it?  In true Verimark fashion… “Wait… there’s more…!”

We decided to pack up our camp site, before setting off to find the final few caches for the day.  Tables, chairs, fishing rods, ground covers, tents, coolers, pole lights, and the kitchen sink, all securely and methodically put in its respective, geometrically calculated spot.  And we’re off… or so we thought…

Remember that rusty old nail at Middle of Nowhere?  Slow puncture.  Back passenger wheel.  SugarMobile.

So, everything neatly placed, had to be unpacked to access the very unbecoming doughnut spare!

Thankfully, Mr Tricky and Mr Terunkie were quick to assist a couple of crowbar-wielding, damsels in distress…

224 Noupoort Dam#224 NOUPOORT DAM (GC22CE8)
Greyton Nature Reserve in Greyton, South Africa

S34°02.132 E19°36.982

With the SugarMobile up and running again, the Suikerbossie-Chappie foursome could finally set off to log a few more caches the Chappies still had to find, before setting course for the final one for the day located in the Greyton Reserve.

Noupoort Dam is a small reservoir situated at the start of the Boesmankloof Hiking Trail and serves as a source of water to the town of Greyton… water, now rumoured to taste a bit sweeter and with a subtle flavour of Chappies…

Visit Noupoort Dam at www.geocaching.com

And so, with doughnut wheel wobbling along and the speed control set at 75km/h, it was finally time for the Suikerbossies to return home.

Thanks Tricky Vicky and Mickey for an epic weekend!

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16 March 2013 – Greyt Oewerzicht Weekend (Part 2)

Few things more satisfying than waking up to the soft drizzle of rain on the roof of your tent and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, while snugly knotted in the fluff of your sleeping bag…

217 Loerkop View#217 LOERKOP VIEW (GC1EEPM)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°04.910 E19°36.790

We packed our day packs, stocked the cooler, loaded caching buddies the Chappies into the SugarMobile and started our day with a hike up Loerkop where we were met by lovely views all around the valley.

Visit Loerkop View at www.geocaching.com

218 The Old Wagon Trail#218 THE OLD WAGON TRAIL (GC463R1)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°07.874 E19°47.348

This cache provides a scenic on-line history of the old wagon trail running over the Hottentots Holland Mountains, toward Grabouw, across the Houw Hoek Pass to Botrivier and on to Riviersonderend and the rest of the inland via Genadendal and Greyton.

The hide was a single waypoint multi-cache and a quick find before moving on to the next…

Visit The Old Wagon Trail at www.geocaching.com

219 The Overbergs Last Post#219 THE OVERBERG’S LAST POST (GC46D0Q)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°08.027 E19°49.296

Not the most scenic spot and have to confess, almost lost a few teeth on this one!

This cache is a classic example of the geo-fact that you will always find there is an actual, well-treaded pathway to the cache site, but only after you’ve already reached it via a semi-suicidal, shale-trail slip ‘n’ slide, mad scramble to the top!

Luckily, Blonde Chappie had hotdogs and cold drinks ready to nurse her colleagues back to tip-top caching condition…

Visit The Overberg’s Last Post at www.geocaching.com

220 Power Play 5#220 POWER PLAY 5 (GC456AX)
Near Greyton, South Africa
S34°10.718 E19°37.943

A clever hide and much more effective than what ESCOM appears to be these days…

Visit Power Play 5 at www.geocaching.com

221 Mountain Bike Rest#221 MOUNTAIN BIKE REST (GC47HRN)
Near Greyton, South Africa
S34°08.871 E19°36.229

Probably the closest Brunette Suikerbos will ever come to a mountain bike…

This one initially had us fooled, until Brunette Chappie strayed and quickly spotted it from down under…

Visit Mountain Bike Rest at www.geocaching.com

222 In the Middle of Nowhere#222 IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (GCQWBV)
Near Greyton, South Africa
S34°08.643 E19°36.947

True to its name, we found this cache along a middle-of-nowhere country road. Plenty of friendly cows were there to welcome us, as well as a tiny, little hitch-hiker – the rusty nail that ended up causing a slow puncture on the SugarMobile… but more on that later…

Visit In the Middle of Nowhere at www.geocaching.com

223 TB Hotel Greyton#223 TB HOTEL GREYTON (GC45XAB)
Greyton, South Africa
S34°03.066 E19°36.446

Mmmm… loved this one… well… loved the pub where this one is hidden…

We do remember some cocktails, maybe a whisky or two and then a couple of famous brandy-and-cokes for the Chappies and Blonde Suikerbos.  The rest, best remain unsaid, except boring Brunette Suikerbos delivered all back home safely!

Visit TB Hotel Greyton at www.geocaching.com

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