24 February 2013 – Breaking a Sweat Around Blouberg Part 2

199 Tricky Choices#199 TRICKY CHOICES (GC2FG75)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.311 E18°27.963

This Mystery Cache was properly our favourite hide for the day.

The coordinates takes you to a little bench in a small, elevated open space with a tiny jungle gym, some terraces, steps and a palm tree, all located within the confines of a 15m x 40m servitude between two buildings.  The trick was that the location of the cache was unknown and it was up to you to make the right choice in your surveillance of the area to spot it…

Not an easy one, but clever and extremely well hidden – got a favourite point from the Bossies!

Visit Tricky Choices at www.geocaching.com

200 Penny For Your Thoughts#200 PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS (GC439HH)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.302 E18°27.799

Our two-hundredth cache!

This cache led us along the promenade toward a little deck onto the beach.

Visit Penny For Your Thoughts at www.geocaching.com

201 SS Robben Island#201 SS: ROBBEN ISLAND (GC2K0X2)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°47.983 E18°27.472

Robben Island (Afrikaans: Robbeneiland) is an island in Table Bay, located about 7 km west off the coast of Bloubergstrand.   This flat island raises barely a few meters above sea level  and measures 3.3 x 1.9 km with a surface area of approximately 5.07 km².

Robben Islands boasts many notorious and later famous occupants, most being former political prisoners ranging from Harry, die Strandloper – also known as Autshumato, to South African icon, freedom fighter and Nobel laureate, Nelson Mandela.

The island was also used as a leper colony and animal quarantine station during the 1800’s.

Visit SS: Robben Island at www.geocaching.com

202 Impressionist Sunset#202 IMPRESSIONIST SUNSET (GC189VQ)
Kenridge in Durbanville, South Africa

S33°51.682 E18°38.131

Our last cache for the day was an impromptu go at a little urban micro hidden along a pond in Kenridge.  We ended our day with a good laugh while watching a hydrophilic Labrador attempting to pull a wet one over an unsuspecting Egyptian goose.

Visit Impressionist Sunset at www.geocaching.com


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