24 February 2013 – Breaking a Sweat Around Blouberg Part 1

195 The Little Wooden Bridge#195 THE LITTLE WOODEN BRIDGE (GC3WE52)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.858 E18°29.416

Re-energized and excited following breakfast at the Event Cache gathering earlier the morning, the Bossies temporarily merged with an impressive group of seasoned cachers to quickly go grab two caches that had remained elusive for quite a few trained eyes – the first being a minute nano cleverly hidden under a little wooden bridge in Parklands.

This one had remained amiss mainly due to it being very well hidden and the fact that its extraction required you lying flat on you back while having a go at it with a pair of fine-tipped pliers!

We managed to sign the log, thanks to some teamwork and we were off to the next vertiginous challenge…

Visit The Little Wooden Bridge at www.geocaching.com

196 The Inconvenient Cache#196 THE INCONVENIENT CACHE (CG42YXQ)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.312 E18°29.537

This cache located a good 4 metres up a lamp post had been on Brunette’s list for a while – mainly for it being a relative easily accessible 5-star difficulty terrain cache IF you conveniently had a ladder AND a way to transport it to Parklands…

So, after attending a conveniently situated Cache Event on a conveniently temperate day and conveniently along a group of seasoned cachers armed with Landy’s, high-clearance 4×4’s, special tools and the odd, convenient ladder strapped to a trailer… we finally had a chance to grab this now convenient cache!

Thanks Paddawan for making this one possible.

Visit The Inconvenient Cache at www.geocaching.com

197 Electric Tower#197 ELECTRIC TOWER (GC3TZFF)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.344 E18°29.669

Well, not much to say here…  It’s an electric tower and we found the cache…

Oh, and we don’t like ESCOM very much…

Visit Electric Tower at www.geocaching.com

198 A Whale's Tale#198 A WHALE’S TALE (GC439H7)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°49.293 E18°28.594

This was a quick park-and-grab located on the traffic circle in central Blouberg.

Again we met up with quite a few fellow cachers at Ground Zero; not too sure we mastered true stealth with this one…  Mob-caching!

Visit A Whale’s Tale at www.geocaching.com

Continue this adventure in Part 2…


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