1 March 2013 – Descending into Jan se Gat…

203 Jan Joubertsgat Bridge#203 JAN JOUBERTSGAT BRIDGE (GC46T6F)
Franschhoek Pass, South Africa

S33°56.301 E19°09.690

With great enthusiasm, Brunette spotted this newly published cache up for FTF honours.

To our delight this cache was hidden at a spot we had visited before, looking for another cache that had unbeknownst to us, already been archived.  So, wasting little time, we set course for the Franschhoek Pass and Jan Joubertsgat Bridge.

Franschhoek Pass was completed in 1825 and was South Africa’s first professionally designed and constructed mountain pass.  It also features SA’s oldest and still in use, stone arch bridge – Jan Joubertgat Bridge, since 1979 a national monument.  Its 5-metre span crosses a little kloof named for Jan Joubert, a frontiersman that had died in the area following a wagon accident.

It took some teamwork, but we found the cache and were first to sign the log.  First to find and deserving of a favourite point.

Visit Jan Joubertsgat Bridge at www.geocaching.com

204 Pine Tree Forest#204 PINE TREE FOREST (GC1RRTX)
Along the R321 near Viljoen’s Pass, South Africa

S34°05.761 E19°03.052

While in the area, we decided to take a detour via Grabouw back to Hermanus, thus passing by this seldomly visited cache located in a pine tree plantation near Viljoen’s Pass.

This scenic pass cuts between the Groenland and Hottentots Holland Mountains to follow a gorge through which the Palmiet River flows, linking Villiersdorp with Grabouw.  Named after local apple pioneer, Sir Antonie Viljoen it was first built in the mid 1800’s.

Visit Pine Tree Forest at www.geocaching.com


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