15 March 2013 – Greyt Oewerzicht Weekend (Part 1)

Hi, we are the Suikerbossies, and we are addicts… caching addicts as defined by the Tricky Vicky and Mickey Modified DSM IV classification of mental illness…  Symptoms and signs may include the following:

  1. Tolerance, as defined by either a need for increased amounts of caching to achieve the desired effect or diminished effect with continued current number of caches found per day.
  2. Withdrawal, as manifested by either psycho-motor agitation, aimless doodling at mystery caches, constant checking for newly published caches or overindulgence in on-line cache-related activities to relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  3. The continued firm belief that there is always just one more cache to be found, or one more trackable to be launched, or one more geocoin to acquire…
  4. Cutting down on caching is not an option.
  5. A great deal of time is spent on activities related to caching, such as generating geocaching statistics or designing related websites, blogs or Facebook pages.
  6. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up to allow for caching activities.

Now that we have a diagnosis, the next step is treatment… MORE CACHING!

Thank goodness for Tricky Vicky and Mickey, as they ensured adequate caching therapy by arranging a superb Event Cache at Oewerzicht camp site along the picturesque Sonderend River near Greyton.

But… in true dramatic style…  Wait, there’s more!  Additional to the Cache Event, they had placed 17 brand new caches, ranging the near-full spectrum of cache types, sizes, D/T’s and true container ingenuity, while ensuring still sufficient quantities of fire, activities and snacks to fulfil any remaining addiction to braaiing, socialising and food appreciation.

206 The Old Bridge#206 THE OLD BRIDGE (GC46ZTX)
Near Genadendal in the Overberg, South Africa

S34°03.895 E19°33.364

We started our day early, hoping for some FTF’s at the spanking new published caches…

This cache, located at the old bridge across the Sonderend River near Genadendal was our first for the day and also our first of five first to finds – whao, that’s a lot of F’s!

Visit The Old Bridge at www.geocaching.com

207 Greyton Meander#207 GREYTON MEANDER (GC47A0V)
Greyton, South Africa

S34°03.163 E19°36.281

This interesting and fun, multi-stage cache took us on a quick tour of Greyton before delivering us a FTF and our first Letterbox cache.

Visit Greyton Meander at www.geocaching.com

208 Greyton Puzzle Cache#208 GREYTON PUZZLE CACHE (GC46A0B)
Greyton Nature Reserve in Greyton, South Africa

S34°02.320 E19°36.831

Brunette solved this one on our way to the Event Cache – nice and easy mathematical puzzle and beautiful hike into the reserve and view of the waterfall.

Also our third FTF and cache type for the day!

Visit Greyton Puzzle Cache at www.geocaching.com

209 High Living#209 HIGH LIVING (GC4621F)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°05.475 E19°38.974

This one was a favourite for the weekend, as what is more fun than rekindling a favourite childhood past time?  Wish we could tell you more…  Another FTF!

Favourite Point!!!

Visit High Living at www.geocaching.com

210 Greyt Oewerzicht Weekend#210 GREYT OEWERZICHT WEEKEND (GC44V43)
Oewerzicht along the Sonderend River near Greyton, South Africa
S34°06.065 E19°39.978

And we camped with the Chappies, and we braaied, and we slept in tents, and we made fire, and we had braai broodjies, and it rained, and we swam in the river, and we got caught in the rapids, and we spoke to Tricky Vicky and Mickey, and we met other cachers, and we paged through the Tricky’s awesome Geocoin collection, and we got clues to other Mystery Caches, and we fished, and we caught two barbers, and we had a flat tyre, and we had steak and chops and salad and bread and pâté… and it was FUN!

Just one question?  Does arriving first at a Cache Event count towards a FTF…?

Visit Greyt Oewerzicht Weekend at www.geocaching.com

211 Aloe Aloe What's the Difference#211 ALOE? ALOE? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? (GC46Y0R)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°04.310 E19°36.722

This clever multi cache is a perfect example of why one should avoid “thinking too much”…

It’s not that difficult, the solution is right in front of you…

Don’t try to make it harder than it is…

Sometimes things are really as simple as it seems…

Needless to say, we approached this one from all the wrong directions, but still managed our fourth FTF for the day!

Visit Aloe? Aloe? What’s the Difference at www.geocaching.com

212 Just for the View#212 JUST FOR THE VIEW (GC46ZRR)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°06.657 E19°40.497

This was a quick park-and-grab.

Loved the container.  Long time, no sea… you’d think…

And off to the next…

Visit Just for the View at www.geocaching.com

213 Power Play 6 Rural Electrification#213 POWER PLAY 6 RURAL ELECTRIFICATION (GC4749C)
Near Greyton, South Africa
S34°07.381 E19°40.987

You thought you had us, but you didn’t!

This cache was of an unusual type and one we had not seen before… with a twist.  Always interesting to add a spanner to the works by employing a decoy cairn of stones…

Visit Power Play 6 Rural Electrification at www.geocaching.com

214 Het Ziekenhuis#214 HET ZIEKENHUIS (GC46RX6)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°07.754 E19°42.433

This was a very cleverly constructed multi-cache that had us going for a while, but then we spotted it and it was a simple hob, knob and sticky knot and we had the coordinates for the final.

Visit Het Ziekenhuis at www.geocaching.com

215 The Lowveld Chestnut#215 THE LOWVELD CHESTNUT (GC46A90)
Near Greyton, South Africa
S34°08.514 E19°44.938

A classic example of “spot the difference”….

Odd to find a chestnut in a Bloekom tree?

Visit The Lowveld Chestnut at www.geocaching.com

216 Moonlight Wonder#216 MOONLIGHT WONDER (GC47FY0)
Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°05.988 E19°39.853

Our final cache for the day was a joint FTF go at a multi-staged night cache.

However, except for the few with UV-lights, it ended up more a mass-Exodus resembling some bright-eyed flock of sheep following their herdsman…

Regardless, we all signed the log en masse and returned to the camp site for some more braaiing and socializing…

Visit Moonlight Wonder at www.geocaching.com

Impressive day!  We proudly ended with 11 caches, including 5 FTF’s, as well as 5 different cache types (Traditional, Multi, Puzzle, Letterbox and Event) and our first night cache!

Not too bad for a day’s fun…!

(You can follow the rest of our weekend adventure in Parts 2 & 3…)


11 March 2013 – Table Facts

205 Table Mountain - Cape Town#205 TABLE MOUNTAIN – CAPE TOWN (GC1ABZK)
Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°57.452 E18°24.200

An Earth Cache about Table Mountain…

Table Mountain’s level plateau flanked by Devil’s Peak (formerly called Windberg) to the east and Lion’s Head to the west, together with Signal Hill, forms a dramatic backdrop to the Mother City and a natural amphitheatre to the Cape Town and Table Bay harbour.  Further westward, the gabled peaks of the Twelve Apostles stretch as sentinels to SA’s own Natural Wonder of the World, the only natural site on our planet to have a constellation of stars named after it – Mensa, meaning “the table.”

Visit Table Mountain – Cape Town at www.geocaching.com

1 March 2013 – Descending into Jan se Gat…

203 Jan Joubertsgat Bridge#203 JAN JOUBERTSGAT BRIDGE (GC46T6F)
Franschhoek Pass, South Africa

S33°56.301 E19°09.690

With great enthusiasm, Brunette spotted this newly published cache up for FTF honours.

To our delight this cache was hidden at a spot we had visited before, looking for another cache that had unbeknownst to us, already been archived.  So, wasting little time, we set course for the Franschhoek Pass and Jan Joubertsgat Bridge.

Franschhoek Pass was completed in 1825 and was South Africa’s first professionally designed and constructed mountain pass.  It also features SA’s oldest and still in use, stone arch bridge – Jan Joubertgat Bridge, since 1979 a national monument.  Its 5-metre span crosses a little kloof named for Jan Joubert, a frontiersman that had died in the area following a wagon accident.

It took some teamwork, but we found the cache and were first to sign the log.  First to find and deserving of a favourite point.

Visit Jan Joubertsgat Bridge at www.geocaching.com

204 Pine Tree Forest#204 PINE TREE FOREST (GC1RRTX)
Along the R321 near Viljoen’s Pass, South Africa

S34°05.761 E19°03.052

While in the area, we decided to take a detour via Grabouw back to Hermanus, thus passing by this seldomly visited cache located in a pine tree plantation near Viljoen’s Pass.

This scenic pass cuts between the Groenland and Hottentots Holland Mountains to follow a gorge through which the Palmiet River flows, linking Villiersdorp with Grabouw.  Named after local apple pioneer, Sir Antonie Viljoen it was first built in the mid 1800’s.

Visit Pine Tree Forest at www.geocaching.com

24 February 2013 – Breaking a Sweat Around Blouberg Part 2

199 Tricky Choices#199 TRICKY CHOICES (GC2FG75)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.311 E18°27.963

This Mystery Cache was properly our favourite hide for the day.

The coordinates takes you to a little bench in a small, elevated open space with a tiny jungle gym, some terraces, steps and a palm tree, all located within the confines of a 15m x 40m servitude between two buildings.  The trick was that the location of the cache was unknown and it was up to you to make the right choice in your surveillance of the area to spot it…

Not an easy one, but clever and extremely well hidden – got a favourite point from the Bossies!

Visit Tricky Choices at www.geocaching.com

200 Penny For Your Thoughts#200 PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS (GC439HH)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.302 E18°27.799

Our two-hundredth cache!

This cache led us along the promenade toward a little deck onto the beach.

Visit Penny For Your Thoughts at www.geocaching.com

201 SS Robben Island#201 SS: ROBBEN ISLAND (GC2K0X2)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°47.983 E18°27.472

Robben Island (Afrikaans: Robbeneiland) is an island in Table Bay, located about 7 km west off the coast of Bloubergstrand.   This flat island raises barely a few meters above sea level  and measures 3.3 x 1.9 km with a surface area of approximately 5.07 km².

Robben Islands boasts many notorious and later famous occupants, most being former political prisoners ranging from Harry, die Strandloper – also known as Autshumato, to South African icon, freedom fighter and Nobel laureate, Nelson Mandela.

The island was also used as a leper colony and animal quarantine station during the 1800’s.

Visit SS: Robben Island at www.geocaching.com

202 Impressionist Sunset#202 IMPRESSIONIST SUNSET (GC189VQ)
Kenridge in Durbanville, South Africa

S33°51.682 E18°38.131

Our last cache for the day was an impromptu go at a little urban micro hidden along a pond in Kenridge.  We ended our day with a good laugh while watching a hydrophilic Labrador attempting to pull a wet one over an unsuspecting Egyptian goose.

Visit Impressionist Sunset at www.geocaching.com

24 February 2013 – Breaking a Sweat Around Blouberg Part 1

195 The Little Wooden Bridge#195 THE LITTLE WOODEN BRIDGE (GC3WE52)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.858 E18°29.416

Re-energized and excited following breakfast at the Event Cache gathering earlier the morning, the Bossies temporarily merged with an impressive group of seasoned cachers to quickly go grab two caches that had remained elusive for quite a few trained eyes – the first being a minute nano cleverly hidden under a little wooden bridge in Parklands.

This one had remained amiss mainly due to it being very well hidden and the fact that its extraction required you lying flat on you back while having a go at it with a pair of fine-tipped pliers!

We managed to sign the log, thanks to some teamwork and we were off to the next vertiginous challenge…

Visit The Little Wooden Bridge at www.geocaching.com

196 The Inconvenient Cache#196 THE INCONVENIENT CACHE (CG42YXQ)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.312 E18°29.537

This cache located a good 4 metres up a lamp post had been on Brunette’s list for a while – mainly for it being a relative easily accessible 5-star difficulty terrain cache IF you conveniently had a ladder AND a way to transport it to Parklands…

So, after attending a conveniently situated Cache Event on a conveniently temperate day and conveniently along a group of seasoned cachers armed with Landy’s, high-clearance 4×4’s, special tools and the odd, convenient ladder strapped to a trailer… we finally had a chance to grab this now convenient cache!

Thanks Paddawan for making this one possible.

Visit The Inconvenient Cache at www.geocaching.com

197 Electric Tower#197 ELECTRIC TOWER (GC3TZFF)
Parklands in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°48.344 E18°29.669

Well, not much to say here…  It’s an electric tower and we found the cache…

Oh, and we don’t like ESCOM very much…

Visit Electric Tower at www.geocaching.com

198 A Whale's Tale#198 A WHALE’S TALE (GC439H7)
Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°49.293 E18°28.594

This was a quick park-and-grab located on the traffic circle in central Blouberg.

Again we met up with quite a few fellow cachers at Ground Zero; not too sure we mastered true stealth with this one…  Mob-caching!

Visit A Whale’s Tale at www.geocaching.com

Continue this adventure in Part 2…