10 February 2013 – Wedding Weekend Road Trip Part 3

We ended our weekend road trip with some urban micro-caching in Stellenbosch.  As explained in one of our previous blogs, urban caching is more often about the ingenuity of the container and hide than about the scenery.  However, urban caching in scenic Stellenbosch is one of the few exceptions to the rule – brilliant containers (most of them compliments of Hesamati) in an urban setting of oak-lined avenues, lush riverbank gardens and historic buildings and streets…

182 Simonsrust#182 SIMONSRUST (GC3JNGX)
Simonswyk in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°55.591 E18°52.629

This was a traditional magnetic nano hidden amongst a grouping of public postboxes.

Visit Simonsrust at www.geocaching.com


183 Stellenbosch Views#183 STELLENBOSCH VIEWS (GC3C1R3)
Unie Park in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°55.780 E18°53.243

Number two for the day was a cleverly disguised micro hidden in a small, urban park…

Visit Stellenbosch Views at www.geocaching.com

184 001 - Tree Graveyard#184 001 – TREE GRAVEYARD (GC441QW)
Botmaskop in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°55.725 E18°53.559

We found this beautiful specimen of Argiope australis (one of the garden orb-web spiders) with its brightly coloured, scalloped abdomen and banded legs quite close to the cache and had to take very special care not to disturb this master weaver nor her webbed masterpiece…

Visit Tree Graveyard at www.geocaching.com

185 Eersterivier#185 EERSTERIVIER (GC1NB99)
Karindal in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.336 E18°53.215

This well disguised micro was hidden in Brümmer Park – a lush, riverside park situating along the Eersterivier.

Without a doubt a hidden gem and well-deserved of a favourite point!

Visit Eersterivier at www.geocaching.com

186 Doc Craven & Bliksem#186 DOC CRAVEN & BLIKSEM (GC2N1V3)
Near Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.293 E18°52.349

Number five was a cleverly disguised, Hesamati-mechanics cache near the statue of Matie rugby patriarch and SA rugby legend, Dr Daniël Hartman Craven, or as he is more famously known, Doc Craven.

Visit Doc Craven & Bliksem at www.geocaching.com

187 Hesamati is 1#187 HESAMATI IS 1 (GC1YG6C)
Along the Eerste River in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.368 E18°51.893

This was another cleverly disguised Hesamati cache hidden on a bridge across the Eerste River…

Visit Hesamati is 1 at www.geocaching.com


188 Stellenbosch TB Lodge#188 STELLENBOSCH TB LODGE (GC2X329)
Verbatim Book Shop in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.320 E18°51.670

This very intellectual hide is hidden within a popular book shop in Dorp Street – just a pity it did not house any travellers for us to log…

Visit Stellenbosch TB Lodge at www.geocaching.com

189 The Town That Never Sleeps#189 THE TOWN THAT NEVER SLEEPS (GC39Q7R)
Die Boord in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.901 E18°50.933

This was a quick park-and-grab in a small, urban park in Die Boord…

Visit The Town That Never Sleeps at www.geocaching.com


190 Duiker Crescent#190 DUIKER CRESCENT (GC45NFR)
Sandbaai, South Africa

S34°25.569 E19°11.634

Our last cache for the day was an unexpected bonus – a brand new, just published cache up for First To Find (FTF) honours right in our home town!

It was a bit of a rush to get there in time, but “Found it!” and a second FTF to the Suikerbossies!

Visit Duiker Crescent at www.geocaching.com


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