9 February 2013 – Wedding Weekend Road Trip Part 2

180 Lady Loch#180 LADY LOCH (GC3RZ1N)
Lady Loch Bridge over the Berg River in Wellington, South Africa

S33°37.775 E18°58.596

As the wedding only started at 5’o’clock, we had ample time to go grab some caches in the rain…

In 1853 Lady Loch, a wooden bridge named after the Governor’s wife, was constructed for access across the Berg River between Cape Town and Paarl.  In 1910 it was replaced with a steel bridge which became the first steel bridge to be built in South Africa and is still in use today.

Visit Lady Lock at www.geocaching.com

181 Liquor Gives the Clergyman the Bends#181 LIQUOR GIVES THE CLERGYMAN THE BENDS (GC1W58C)
Brandewyndraai in Bainskloof Pass near Wellington, South Africa

S33°38.522 E19°05.308

During an early May morning in 1915, workers from the farm Welvanpas were fetching water to drink and to bath from the little stream coming down through Bainskloof, when they realised there was something wrong with the water – it tasted of brandy…!  And suddenly the morning chore of fetching water, became a morning rush to fill every container available.

Back then, Bainskloof was still a dirt road and was often used by travellers coming from Worcester.  This specific morning, a driver was on his way with a ox-drawn wagon loaded with raisins and brandy.  The luckless driver was sampling his load all along the treacherous route and ended up going over the edge at one of the final sharp bends – known today as Brandewyndraai (or Brandy Bend).  The driver and his oxen were unhurt, but most of the barrels broke, spilling more than a single into the little stream…

Visit Liquor Give the Clergyman the Bends at www.geocaching.com


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