8 February 2013 – Wedding Weekend Road Trip Part 1

We were invited to Wellington for the wedding of one of Brunette Suikerbossie’s best friends… and why not grab a view caches along the way?

We left Friday afternoon – a bit later than expected, thanks to the incompetence of the medico-legal justice system, but none the less we were finally off and had just enough time to grab a few on our way…

177 C##177 C# (GC44N6W)
Die Boord in Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°56.651 E18°51.103

This little micro hidden in a park in Stellenbosch was part of a puzzle cache that featured quite a clever bit of wordplay, definitions and fun with numbers.

Visit C# at www.geocaching.com

178 Le Present View#178 LE PRESENT VIEW (GC4507E)
Deux Frères along R44 near Stellenbosch, South Africa

S33°52.844 E18°50.858

This was a quick roadside cache at the gate of Deux Frères, a small, boutique vineyard situated on the foothills of the Simonsberg Mountains run by the brothers Retief and Stephan du Toit.

Visit Le Present View at www.geocaching.com

179 The Most Jealous of Them All#179 THE MOST JEALOUS OF THEM ALL (GC1YRKJ)
Groenberg near Wellington, South Africa

S33°37.279 E19°00.187

This was our first EarthCache.  An EarthCache is not a traditional container hidden at some GPS location, it rather is a special geological location or formation that cachers can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature of our planet.

In order to log an EarthCache as found, cachers need to answer certain questions related to the geological feature, as well as supply specific photographic evidence as requested by the cache owner.

This cache explains the lush vegetation covering Wellington’s Groenberg, in contrast to the stark sandstone appearance of the Limiet range right behind it.  The reason for this is the fact that the Limiet Mountains are capped by hard sandstone rock.  Sandstone does not erode easily and therefore leaves only a poor thin layer of soil not favoured by vegetation.  Groenberg mainly consists of Malmesbury Formation, composed of shale and other soft rock types that weathers into a rich, dark soil ideal for vegetation to grow in.

Visit The Most Jealous of Them All at www.geocaching.com


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