19 January 2013 – Happy Chappie Caching in Cape Town (Part 3)

152 Sandy Bay Cape Town#152 SANDY BAY – CAPE TOWN (GCHCWB)
Sandy Bay near Llandudno in Cape Town, South Africa

S34°00.867 E18°20.166

Our next cache was located along the little path between Llandudno’s Sunset Beach and Sandy Bay – Cape Town’s infamous nudist beach.

Apparently preferring to avoid a group of pesky car guards, Blonde Suikerbossie promptly set course along the boulders of Sunset Beach towards the cache location.  Blonde and Brunette Chappie courageously followed with a complaining Brunette Suikerbossie dangled with heavy Canon 650D, in tow – an odd scene reminiscent of Super Mario Bros., hopping and jumping from boulder to boulder, dodging the occasional surprise mushroom attack of a rogue wave, blue-headed lizard or naked sunbather, making their way to save the Princess…

Having exhausted all lives, the Blondes left it to the over-enthused Brunettes to hike up the remaining hill towards Princess Toadstool’s tower and its prize – The Cache!

Visit Sandy Bay – Cape Town at www.geocaching.com

OSuikerbossie Signnce fluid-refreshed, we continued our trip from Llandudno over Suikerbossie Hill towards Hout Bay, but only after the obligatory photo session next to the Suikerbossie sign!

153 WOB#153 WOB (GC2FP5H)
Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa

S34°01.037 E18°21.805

The next cache located near the World of Birds parking area, was a bit of a disappointment – poor directions and undergrowth that would make the Amazon forest look like a trimmed flowerbed kept blocking us mere metres from the cache.  Losing patience, Brunette Suikerbos finally tightened her laces, bolted all straps and ended up bundu-bashing through the jungle growth.  The obscured path was located and the rest of the team could make their way to Ground Zero.  What must have formerly been a cleverly disguised cache – finally spotted by Brunette Chappie – was found way removed from the coordinates, in poor condition and no longer in its original position.

Semi-battered, bruised, scratched and bleeding we made our way out of Indiana Jones and the Return of the Undergrowth and back to the Chappie-mobile.  Sorry, no favourite points here…

Visit WOB at www.geocaching.com

154 Constania Nek#154 CONSTANTIA NEK (GC1T057)
Constantia Nek Restaurant along Constantia Nek Pass in Cape Town, South Africa

S34°00.746 E18°24.319

A day of hardcore caching taking its toll, it was time to refuel at our next cache stop.  Constantia Nek Restaurant, located at the summit of Constantia Nek is reputed to be the oldest restaurant in South Africa.

Jan van Riebeeck originally named the Nek Clooff Pass at the time of his first crossing in 1657.  The pass also saw heavy, but unnecessary fortification by the French during a threatened English invasion in 1781.

Interestingly, the mountainside at Constantia Nek is covered in Peninsula Granite Fynbos, an endangered vegetation type that is endemic to Cape Town – occurring nowhere else.

Visit Constantia Nek at www.geocaching.com

155 TS Cork#155 TS: CORK (GC2TTTC)
Along Rhodes Drive in Constantia in Cape Town, South Africa

S34°00.289 E18°25.328

Our final cache for the day was a quick (but clever) park and grab Tree Series cache next to a beautiful cork tree along Rhodes Drive.

Visit TS: Cork at www.geocaching.com

IMG_3972-005With dusk setting in quickly, we made a hearty attempt at one more Tree Series cache, TS: Bluegum, but with the GPS bouncing all over the place, we soon found ourselves stumped.

Tired, dirty, but content we returned to Casa del Chappie for a well deserved rest in preparation of Day 2!

Our adventures will continue in Part 4 of this blog…


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