13 January 2013 – Microcaching in Somerset West

139 Cache With A View#139 CACHE WITH A VIEW (GC13PJP)
Monte Sereno in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.835 E18°50.649

We were visiting Brunette Suikerbos’s parents in Somerset West and decided to go microcache hunting while waiting for Sunday lunch.

A microcache is a cache of which the container is less that 100ml and usually only contains a log sheet.  They come in many different types of containers ranging from traditional film canisters, magnetic key safes, to Bison tubes. Exceptionally small micros are known as nano caches.

Microcaches are often hidden in locations where larger containers cannot be placed or would appear too conspicuous.  Micros in urban settings are usually designed and camouflaged for a specific location and are called urban micros.  Another element microcaches bring to cache hunting is the requirement of stealth as the cache may be hidden in a highly-trafficked spot, adding to the challenge of locating the cache while non-cachers are present.

Our first one was a clever magnetic hide near an urban reservoir with a spectacular view over lower Somerset West and False Bay.

Visit Cache With a View at www.geocaching.com

140 Park With A View#140 PARK WITH A VIEW (GC3BKPN)
Heldervue in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.816 E18°49.160

Our second micro was located at a urban park in Heldervue.  As we arrived, we were greeted by Namibian cacher, Nam Gecko already looking for this one.  We managed it quickly and soon moved on to the next…

Visit Park With a View at www.geocaching.com

141 Dead Drop#141 DEAD DROP (GC1XXDJ)
Steynsrust in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.277 E18°48.748

Our last one for the day was a traditional dead drop located along the wall of a small farm dam in Steynsrust.

Visit Dead Drop at www.geocaching.com


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