31 December 2012 – Caching Out in Langebaan

130 West Coast One Stop#130 WEST COAST ONE STOP (GC27F12)
Along the R27 near Langebaan, South Africa

S33°01.592 E18°06.405

We decided on a quick cache trip to Langebaan, as it offers a good excuse to enjoy a celebratory cocktail next to the lagoon.

Our first cache was located near the popular Weskus One Stop – one we previous failed to retrieve due to construction work near its location.  It was a quick find this time, as the area was infested with killer ants and we refrained from lingering…

Visit West Coast One Stop at www.geocaching.com

131 Langebaan - Lagoon View II#131 LANGEBAAN – LAGOON VIEW II (GCPWN5)
Langebaan, South Africa

S33°05.900 E18°02.125

This cache was located on top of a small hill in Langebaan and offered a panoramic view of the lagoon.  The wind was blowing quite severe and even the usually tranquil lagoon appeared choppy and restless.

We decided to leave our newest Travel Bug, Lego Man created in honour of Brunette’s lifelong affair with the little interlocking plastic toy bricks, in the cache…

Visit Langebaan – Lagoon View II at www.geocaching.com

As this was our last find for the year, perhaps it is a good time to reflect on our cache achievements throughout 2012:

Total 2012 Caches:  128 finds
Best Month:  September with 60 finds
Best Day:  12 caches on 14/09/2012
Longest Streak:  30 consecutive days with 66 finds from 26/08/2012 to 24/09/2012
Trackables Discovered:  46 Travel Bugs, Travel Tags and Geocoins
Trackables Launched:  10 Travel Bugs and 2 Travel Tags.  One is on its way to the UK and three have already been logged in Germany.  Petrus, the Endangered Rhino has travelled 9919 km, Bacchus, the Thirsty Bactrian Camel has logged 9619 km and Wasabi, the Green Sea Turtle 9584 km, while Suikerbossies’ Travel Companion has accumulated 4578km to date.Trackables1-001


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