30 September 2012 – Tunneling through Du Toit’s

081 The Haunted - Tunnel

At the original Du Toitskloof Pass Tunnel, South Africa

S33°43.849 E19°06.325

This cache called for a complete change from the usual scenery – from being in a tunnel, to being on top of one…

The original Du Toitskloof tunnel dates form 1948 and we had to pass through it on our way back from the birthday party the previous day.  We parked just off the south end of the tunnel and quickly made our way up the side to the cache location on top of the summit.

Quite an experience to feel the rumble of large 18 wheelers reverberating from below, while the sonic screech of revving motorcycles cut the air.

Nice one!

Visit The Haunted – Tunnel at www.geocaching.com


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