29 September 2012 – Du Toitskloof Pass

079 This is My Valley

Along the Du Toitskloof Pass, South Africa

S33°41.777 E19°04.109

We found this cache – accompanied by Deb and the Dolphin, while on our way to a friend’s birthday party in Rawsonville.

As we recently activated a couple of trackables, we decided to leave Bacchus, the Thirsty Bactrian Camel TB in this cache with its beautiful views of the Paarl and Wellington Valleys.

The pass was named after the Du Toit family, and more specifically the brothers Du Toit – Francois and Guillaume (or Willem, who happens to be a 12 generations back ancestor of Brunette Suikerbos as per her genealogy research).  They were 17th century Huguenot pioneers who settled in the foothills of the mountains and were first to cross it via an animal track.

Today, the animal track has been replaced with a road built around the time of World War II with the pass climbing up to 820 metres (2,690 ft).  The Huguenot Tunnel – a toll road passing through the mountains, shortening the over-mountain route by 11 kilometres, was opened in 1988 and is the largest curved structure in South Africa.

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080 Du Toitskloof Parking

Along the Du Toitskloof Pass, South Africa

S33°43.986 E19°07.281

This quick park-and-grab is located near the parking on the north end of tunnel.  This parking area is also the start of the Elandsrivier and Krom River hiking trails.

Visit Du Toitskloof Parking at www.geocaching.com


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