23 September 2012 – It’s Great in Greyton

071 Genadendal the Valley of Grace

Around the Moravian Mission Station in Genadendal, South Africa

S34°02.025 E19°33.448

This clever multi-cache took us on a scenic tour around the Moravian Mission Station in Genadendal – the name literally meaning the Valley of Grace.

This quaint little town is located at the foot of the Riviersonderend Mountains and is home to the oldest Mission Station in Southern Africa.  The station was started in 1738 when Georg Schmidt, a German missionary of the Moravian Church, settled in the area.

The cache had us look for several clues around the the Church Square and its numerous museums, before the final coordinates took us to a lookout point on top of an adjacent koppie (rocky outcrop).

Visit Genadendal, the Valley of Grace at www.geocaching.com

072 Greytnano

Greyton, South Africa

S34°02.983 E19°36.515

This quick park-and-grab cache located in Greyton, was a challenge to what remained of Brunette Suikerbos’s algebra skill, as the final coordinates were calculated according to a lengthy algebra formula containing most of the alphabet.

Luckily, Brunette was well-greased following a cold one at a local open-air restaurant.

Visit Greytnano at www.geocaching.com

073 Greyton Koppie Cache

Near Greyton, South Africa

S34°04.493 E19°36.787

Number 3 for the day, was located on a koppie just outside Greyton.

Considering ourselves lucky not to come across a Cape Cobra or Puffadder, it was a quick scramble up and down and on to the next…

Visit Greyton Koppie Cache at www.geocaching.com

074 Riviersonderends First Cache

Riviersonderend, South Africa

S34°08.920 E19°54.542

From Greyton, we moved on to three caches located in and around Riviersonderend.

Riviersonderend is a small town in the Overberg region of the Western Cape.  It is located on a loop of the Sonderend River, a main tributary of the Breede River.

We found this quick cache while waiting for our coffee and toasties.

Visit Riviersonderend’s First Cache at www.geocaching.com

075 Cache whos back

Riviersonderend, South Africa

S34°09.168 E19°54.685

Our next cache was a quick park-and-grab next to a road sign overlooking the town church.

Visit Cache Who’s Back at www.geocaching.com


076 Mountain View#76 MOUNTAIN VIEW (GC3507W)
Near Riviersonderend, South Africa

S34°08.254 E19°54.816

Our last cache in Riviersonderend, before hitting the N2 back home, is located on the small koppie overlooking the town.  This allowed us a beautiful view of the small town and its central church.

Visit Mountain View at www.geocaching.com

077 Take a Break

At a roadside stop along the N2 near Caledon, South Africa

S34°12.402 E19°34.406

Our seventh and final cache of the day was situated at a rest stop along the N2 highway between Caledon and Riversonderend.

We reached it late afternoon and followed the long shadows unto the second level above the picnic spot, and suddenly felt as if we had entered an alternate dimension, resembling a scene out of Silent Hill – the shadows suddenly took on a surreal, gloomy feel you could cut with a knife, while an odd plastic bag filled with several pairs of toddler shoes, seemed to fit right in with the Otherworld ambience of the Silent Hill series.

After finding this one following a longish search, we re-entered the world of sunshine, and made our way home.

Visit Take a Break at www.geocaching.com

This was day 29 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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