22 September 2012 – Round Trip to Caledon

067 Dassiesfontein

Dassiesfontein Farm Stall along the N2 near Caledon, South Africa

S34°13.504 E19°17.788

Dassiesfontein is one of those traditional old-school farm stalls, where you are likely to find everything – from a West Coast bokkom to a leather belt; home-made jam to a wicker basket, not to mention home-baked pies, warm-out-of-the-oven farm bread and freshly brewed coffee.

We started our quick road trip with an ample serving of pepper-steak pie and coffee, before spending most of the morning browsing around the store’s many nooks and crannies.

The cache was a quick grab before setting off to the next.

Visit Dassiesfontein at www.geocaching.com

068 Take a Bath

Bath River in Caledon, South Africa

S34°13.845 E19°26.224

The next cache took us to a national monument located in the Overberg town of Caledon – a bridge dating from 1866 and built over the Baths River.

Way before the Europeans settled in this region, the local Khoi-Khoi had discovered the hot springs (or baths) in the area, Caledon is know for today.

Development started in 1710 when Ferdinand Appel secured farmland in the area, on condition that he erects a bath building allowing visitors access to the hot springs.

Like other natural springs in South Africa, the thermal springs in Caledon are not related to volcanic activity.  The water is warmed due to its flow over pressure-heated rocks deep within the earth crust and remains at a steady temperature of about 50°C.

Visit Take a Bath at www.geocaching.com

069 Hemel en Aarde

Shaw’s Pass in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley between Caledon and Hermanus, South Africa

S34°18.708 E19°24.985

This cache is located within Shaw’s Pass on the R320.  As the pass, and in fact most of the R320, is currently undergoing construction work, it took quite a bit of off-roading with the A4 to reach it.

Due to the ongoing roadworks, the cache has since been temporarily disabled.

The ‘Bossies are certainly looking forward to the completion of this scenic route through the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley and short cut to Caledon!

Visit Hemel en Aarde at www.geocaching.com

070 Take a Break Overberg View

At a roadside stop along the N2 near Caledon, South Africa

S34°13.283 E19°18.417

Our last cache for the day was a quick park-and-grab at a scenic roadside stop along the N2.

This spot allows for panoramic views of the surrounding green wheat and yellow canola fields.  Beautiful!

Visit Take a Break – Overberg View at www.geocaching.com

This was day 28 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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