21 September 2012 – Whale Tale

Coastal path in Kleinmond, South Africa

S34°20.714 E19°00.265

This cache took us to a beautiful spot along the Kleinmond Coastal Path… twice!

We could not find it first time around and had to return later during the day.  Problem was that the cache was hidden by a stone lodge so tightly, we could not move it.  Having had some spinach for lunch, we eventually managed to dislodge the culprit and sign the log.

Visit Whale Tale at www.geocaching.com

Jock’s Bay in Betty’s Bay, South Africa

S34°21.317 E18°55.999

This cache is located in a beautiful, almost hidden little stretch of beach, known as Jock’s Bay – perfect for sundowners!

It is also the start of a coastal path dedicated to environmentalist Denys Heeson who was first to initiate regular “Hack Sundays” during which residents would gather, their goal to clear alien vegetation in favour of the natural fynbos.  The first hacking was held in 1963 and has continued ever since with Hack #500 begin held on Sunday, 5 August 2004, making it the oldest continuous hack group in the Western Cape.

Visit Betty’s Secret Bay at www.geocaching.com

This was day 27 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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