18 September 2012 – The Elephant and the Rhino

Kogelberg Nature Reserve near Kleinmond, South Africa

S34°20.844 E18°58.544

This quick park-and-grab roadside cache is located near a well-known rock formation located in the Kogelberg Mountains between Kleinmond and Betty’s Bay.  Find the correct spot and you will see an elephant trailing a larger rhinoceros.

Rhino poaching in South Africa has taken a turn for the worse with a dramatic increase in kills over the past few years.

All Rhinoceroses are endangered as they are being poached and killed for their horns.  Rhino horns are much sought after on the black market as result of some CRAZY notion that it has medicinal qualities.  The horns are made of keratin, the same type of protein found in hair and nails, and therefore in truth, not worth anything more than your own toenail cuttings…

The latest South African rhino poaching statistics as in November 2012, indicate that a total of 588 rhinos have been killed since the beginning of 2012, of which 362 were killed in the Kruger National Park.

This compares to 333 animals killed in 2010 and 448 in 2011.

Visit Elephant and Rhino at www.geocaching.com

Suikerbossies support all anti-Rhino Poaching campaigns.  To create awareness and in support of the cause, Suikerbossies have created and since launched Petrus, the Endangered Rhino Travel Bug.  Visit our TB’s profile page at www.geocaching.com.

This was day 24 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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