17 September 2012 – A Tribute to Grandmothers

Spanish Farm in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.375 E18°51.115

This cache was placed to commemorate a special grandmother and brought back fond memories of the Suikerbossies’ own grandmothers – Ouma Stoffie (1919-2009), Ouma ‘Tatie (1920-1986) and Ouma Baby (1929-2002) who have all passed and Ouma Martie that is still with us.

Brunette Suikerbos recently started her own genealogy project – documenting her family tree and ancestral lines all the way back to the first South African arrivals in the sixteen and seventeen-hundreds.

Her research led to several interesting and unexpected finds – one such find being that her paternal grandmother was the youngest of seven children and not three as was always believed.

She also discovered that her ancestral lines lead back to celebrated farms such as Spier, Meerust and Rustenburg…

Grandparents are our link to who we are and where we come from.  Cherish, love and respect them before it is too late!

Visit Nana’s Cache at www.geocaching.com

This was day 23 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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