13 September 2012 – West Coast Route

Hiddingh Campus in Cape Town, South Africa

S33°55.789 E18°24.794

This was our first acquaintance with a TB or Travel Bug Hotel – a secure container in a controlled location where Travel Bugs and other trackable items can safely be dropped and collected with no fear of it being stolen.  Trackables (often in the form of Geocoins or Travel Bugs) are registered, trackable items.  They belong to a certain cacher and are moved from cache to cache by fellow cachers – their goal to accumulate travel mileage.  They are often created in support of a cause, or to commemorate a person, event or achievement.

We picked up Clancy, the Swaggie TB and some friends to accompany us to Dwarskersbos in celebration of Brunette Suikerbossie’s birthday.

Visit Hiddingh Security TB at www.geocaching.com

Along the R27 West Coast Route, South Africa

S33°06.816 E18°07.853

This was another quick park-and-grab along Route 27 along the West Coast on our way to Dwarskersbos.

Visit Off the Road at www.geocaching.com

This was day 19 of 30 days of consecutive caching.


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