7 September 2012 – Flowers to Ashes

The old quarry near Northcliff in Hermanus, South Africa

S34°24.879 E19°13.828

This was without a doubt one of our all time favourites – purely for the absolute ingenuity that went into this multi-cache!

This cache celebrates the amazing fire-adaptability of fynbos – that, in truth, it requires regular burning for its persistence.

On 16 January 2008, a fire started on the southern end of the Fernkloof Reserve – under Rotary Way – and, fanned by a strong gale force wind, quickly become a runaway inferno, burning everything in it’s path along the south east face of the mountain.  Amazingly, the very thing that drove the fire on – the wind – was also responsible for it’s death, as the fire was met head-on by the wind coming over Kanonkop down the Mussel River valley, pushing the flames backwards towards where it had already hungrily consumed everything in it’s path.

Even though this blaze was frightening to witness, the subsequent regrowth and succession of fynbos over the last few years has been a wonder to behold.

Visit Quarry Quandry at www.geocaching.com

This was Day 13 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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