2 September 2012 – How to Mail a Ghost

Irene Avenue near Helderberg Estate in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.196 E18°49.933

Another one of those brilliant urban cache hides located close to Brunette Suikerbossie’s family home.

Absolutely nuts about this one…

Visit You’ve Got Mail at www.geocaching.com

Parel Vallei Road in Somerset West, South Africa

S34°03.474 E18°51.610

Spook Hill on Paarl Valley Road in Somerset West has long boasted  creepy tales of cars left without breaks going ‘uphill’, leading to the myth that the hill is haunted.  The hill is in fact an optical illusion where what appears uphill is in fact downhill.  The illusion is created by the trees on the road being slightly skew, and a gradient change midway ‘down’ the hill.

Spook Hill is located close to an area in Somerset West that was devastated by a veld fire in April 2011.  The fire started near the Helderberg Nature Reserve and was fanned by a 60km/hour south-easterly wind.  The inferno soon raged out of control, consuming thousands of hectares of fynbos and farmland situated at the foot and along the Helderberg Mountains.  Eleven properties, most of them houses, were razed or damaged, one of them being the Straightway Head Country Hotel, a four-star establishment that was for the exception of two units, completely burned to the ground.

Visit Spookhill at www.geocaching.com

This was Day 8 of 30 consecutive caching days.


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