17 May 2012 – West Coast Wondering

Dwarskersbos along the West Coast, South Africa

S32°41.017 E18°14.500

While on one of our visits to Dwarskersbos, we decided to grab this cache located along a pathway next to the beach.

Visit Horcurx: Slytherin’s Locket at www.geocaching.com

Next to the mouth of the Berg River at Velddrif, South Africa

S32°47.242 E18°11.302

Again, one of those caches that takes you to a place you always thought you knew (and love!), and yet again we were shown a spot Blonde Suikerbos never knew existed.

We enjoyed a cup of coffee at the cosy restaurant, watching  fishermen bringing in their catch, while others were hanging strings of bokkoms out to dry.  Not to mention the loads of pelicans, flamingos and other water birds frequenting the river to the delight of avid birdwatcher, Brunette Suikerbos.

This is what geocaching is about – those little undiscovered gems!

Visit Berg River View at www.geocaching.com


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