13 November 2011 – Nuy River Gorge – Where it all began…


Simonskloof in the Nuy River Gorge, Montagu, South Africa

S33°35.216 E19°42.459

On the 11th of the 11th month of 2011, we set course for Simonskloof, near Montagu to embark on our second trip through the Nuy River Gorge – an adventure consisting of a short hike, then three separate abseils into the gorge, some boulder-hopping and then a breath-taking 80m swim through icy cold water to the overnight spot.  The evening is spent laughing and bantering around a campfire, eating a delicious meal while sipping on a tin cup of much-deserved Robertson Red, before calling it a night and drifting off under open starlit skies.  The next morning, you jump back in for a refreshing 80m return swim, followed by a day of hop, skip and jump over boulders galore, until you finally exit the gorge by climbing the 10 million stairs up the Keerom Dam wall.

Our second trip, rather unfortunately, happened to coincide with an unprecedented early summer return of winter.  Snow on the surrounding mountains, freezing temperatures and pouring rain combined into a slippery wet, shivering cold near-death experience.

Luckily, every dark cloud has a silver lining and our bright and shiny moment happened when our guide, Jurgen, introduced us to a small container, neatly hidden under one of the 10 million steps leading up the dam wall.  And the rest, as they say, is history…Image  Visit Rebirth of a River at www.geocaching.com


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