About Suikerbossies


noun /ˈjēōˌkaSHiNG/

The recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden container (cache) by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.  This also include the finding, logging, and moving from cache to cache certain registered trackable items, such as Geocoins and Travel Bugs (TB).  The goal of a trackable is to accumulate travel mileage, and it is usually created in support of a cause or to commemorate a person, event or achievement.

For more detail visit www.geocaching.com or watch this video about geocaching on their website.

sui·ker·bos·siesSuiker Logo5

noun     /ˈsœjkərˌbosis/

Two girls, exploring the world, one cache at a time.

Our geocaching adventures began in November 2011 when we stumbled upon our first cache while abseiling and hiking through the Nuy River Gorge at Simonskloof, near Montagu in the Western Cape, South Africa.  The early summer weekend was marked by an unexpected and continuous icy downpour, coupled with snow on the surrounding mountains and plummeting temperatures.  Our fun hike turned into a wet and freezing, semi-suicidal boulder-hopping session, but also signified the beginning of cache-orientated holidays and road trips.

suikerbossieWe chose the profile name, Suikerbossies as it is one of the many nicknames for our Siamese cat, Boston and also refers to an old Afrikaans folk song, “Suikerbos, ek wil jou hê”, where Suikerbos is used as a term of endearment, literally meaning “sugar bush”, so named for the flower of the Protea repens – a species of fynbos commonly found near our hometown, Hermanus in the Overberg, South Africa.

As the Suikerbossies, this is our story…

You can view our geocaching profile on www.geocaching.com.

You can also follow us on our Facebook Page Suikerbossies Geocaching Adventures or visit our website at www.suikerbossiesgeocaching.webs.com.


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